Holiday…. this one is blue.

“A Holiday is a day designated as having special significance for which individuals, a government, or a religious group have deemed that observation is warranted. It is generally an official (more common) or unofficial observance of religious, national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities.” wikipedia

All of my life holidays have been a big deal. I am the youngest of a large, loving, fun family. Sundays alone were special occasions and often a day to gather and be together. Holidays were special. We would all participate in cooking and cleaning, talking, celebrating. There was always laughter, silliness, joy.

As the years went on, my family slowly started to find themselves relocating. First Robyn to Florida, then Chris to California, Jack to Maryland, Sue to Westchester, Mom & Dad to Florida, us to Georgia. The holidays windled a slowly. BUT… we always continued to  celebrate the way Mom & Dad had us do. Brian would have Christmas Eve, Suzanne Easter. When we moved to Georgia we fumbled to get our own traditions in place. We wanted our children to feel that holidays were special. I wanted my children to feel that they were surrounded by love, just like I felt growing up.

Sometimes we would drive down to Florida to be with Mom and Dad, and some of the siblings.  This year a bunch of them are together, but we can’t be, as Kevin just had surgery and we need to be here to allow him to heal.  We have made an effort to have a celebration with family and friends for every occasion that deems celebratory. Birthdays and Holidays. We gather our nearest and dearest. We laugh and smile and watch as our children soak in the love and the smiles as well. Thats what its all about.


This year is tough. Kevin has just had surgery. We felt that hosting a holiday would be too much this soon. So here we are, for the first time, wondering how to make a holiday special with out company. How do you make it a special day, when it will be just like every other day. Just the six of us.

Back in 2002 I had the worst Thanksgiving of my life. I was a week out from my poor prenatal diagnosis. I was floundering with finding joy or appreciation. But I had my baby, my first son who was only 9 months old and I knew in my heart that if we didn’t start tradition THEN, holidays wouldn’t be special EVER. So, we had my inlaws and we decided that on Thanksgiving we would put up our Christmas Tree. We Laughed as my nephews hung ornaments all over one side of the tree and my niece hung them all on one branch on the bottom. I left it that way. It was my happy every morning.

I have planned to make Grandma’s Christmas Cookies with the kids on Thursday. I will roast a chicken, mash some potatoes, bake some asparagus and make some protein packed Banana pudding (thanks Melissa).


At some point in the day I will drag out the tree and the decorations and I will put on my happy face and we will adorn our tree with love.


This is going to be a difficult holiday for me. I don’t know how to make it feel like a holiday with out being surrounded by more than just us. I just hope that it isn’t a disappointment to my kids.


The end of a week of SLACKING!


If there is a book about how to be a good wife, a motivated mother, Susie freaking sunshine… I may need to read it. Because frankly, this past week… I have not been any of the above!

"Slacker mom reality" Hi this is totally what my house has resembled this week, and that is the exact position I have had on the couch!


So much so, that I didn’t even take Ruby out for our hike this weekend. She was very content to slack with me though.

belly up, hanging off of my lap.


So, once again, I fess up to bad behavior. And once again, I tell myself that tomorrow is a new day. I will get up, I will move, I will not make excuses.

Tomorrow is nearly here, so I had better get some sleep. I will be accountable this week. I will check in with those who keep me on my feet, I will look at myself in the mirror, face the reality and buck up!

This past week has been chock full o’ drama! What drama you ask? Hubby with no work because things are slow, kid with scarlet fever… which, for the record is not the plague or a death sentence, a lightning bolt smacking into my air conditioner unit, children up all night because of said bolt, which my husband didn’t believe actually hit anything, A/C unit going electrically defunked, seizing up and the upstairs soaring to a high in the mid 80’s (I have a child who doesn’t sweat, this is very bad.), hot flashes, spousal arguments, and the saving grace of a friend who owns North and South Mechanical… who rigged the unit for the time being. I got to claim my very first home owners insurance claim, and now we wait to see what happens next. There has been a lot of time spent with book in hand, head in pillow, and fingers in ears. I saw my doctor and got diagnosed with migraines, ended a week long migraine, and still found 100 excuses to not do a damn thing! It ends tonight.

Tomorrow… yep…. that’s when I will put my best foot forward.

Tonight I’m going to bed, thankful that my house didn’t burn down, none of my children were hospital bound, heat stroke didn’t happen, my dog loves me no matter what, my husband loves me despite it all, only ONE of my children spewed out “I HATE YOU”, and maybe, just maybe I can still make it to NY by next weekend.

When fat girls get skinny

I have been sitting at my computer, participating in, and lurking about the bariatiric communities. I am about to enter their world. I’m taking it all in.

What I am seeing however, more than anything else, is this clamoring for the just out of reach jump into popularity. They have lost the weight, and with it, the mean has come out. They will cut down, chew out, and passive aggressively push *their* surgery, *their* diet habits, and *their self righteousness right down each others throats.  The groups of the bariatric world are very much like the cliques of high school or those of parenting.

There are the leaders, those who have taken what they know and put it out there for the world to see. They have built themselves either upon honesty and a desire to share their knowledge, on creativity and the willingness to share their personal kitchen success, or on their ideals and their businesses. None of these are wrong or mean or entirely clique like. But those who fall into place… the loyal followers, well thats where the drama begins.

There are former fat chicks who actually HATE fat people. They have little tolerance for somebody who may be just starting out and struggling through their 6 week post op diet. Some are thin, and have become the cheerleaders of the groups with their ideas on how to train  your brain to enjoy the shakes you must force down each day. Others guard their territory like junk yard dogs, questioning why somebody who thinks differently than they do, would possibly want to be part of THEIR coveted community. Of course we always have the girls who have always been, and always will be the funny girls. They can sway in and out of any group at any time unnoticed and usually unscathed. It seems as though the moment one person takes a lead position, they become instant targets for the insane insecurities of the fat girl oppressed.

Beyond the perimeters of this community are those who have been through it all and back again, those who have successfully hit their goals and have maintained with out effort, those who struggle daily, and those who are born new into the society. Thousands upon thousands of people, who are out there trying to enjoy what is in front of them. The roads traveled, the roads visited by others. So many who go along day by day, connecting, enjoying, learning with out hostility. Sadly some of them are the fodder for the queens to chew up and spit out.

It seems to me, that no matter where you are in life, those mean girls manage creep up when least expected.