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I have struggled with headaches, migraines and body aches for a few months now. I had a hysterectomy last November, because of chronic pain in my upper thighs caused by nerve damage from an ablation. I had other gyn issues that went along with that. Once gutted like a fish, the leg pain went away. I was content. The headaches however, increased greatly.

.I am seeing a neurologist for the headaches. I have been taken off of caffeine. This has rocked my world. The headaches are a constant throb, a dull roar. They escalate to migraine suddenly and unexpectedly, and for that I have immitrex. I am grateful for the relief.

A week before my follow up appointment with Mr. Neurologist a strange thing happened. The leg pain I had prior to the hysterectomy came back. It was upsetting to say the least. This is a pain that alters my day to day life. It interrupts, it hurts, it slows me down.

photo credit: hilsoon deviant art

photo credit: hilsoon deviant art

I saw the neurologist again yesterday. My MRI was normal with the exception of some sinus issues. We went over everything from the last appointment and added notes from this one. He examined me again and found that I have significant weakness in my right leg, some weakness in my left leg.

I was sent directly to the lab, not to pass go. Do not go home and come back, to the lab pronto. Lets see what your labs will tell us. So.. I went, and got stuck, and now I wait.

The doc is looking to rule out auto immune and dystorphies.

None of this is a side effect of my weight loss surgery. None of this could have been prevented. It just is.

With out coffee to sooth my soul and fuel my brain, I am struggling. Struggling I tell ya! I want some turbo caffeine damn it.

So, this is where I’m at. The wait and see pattern. Its not always pretty folks, but this is the game of life. And so I wait…


Migraines… they’re what I’ve got.

After a week of seriously screwy brain pain, my husband urged me to get my ass into the doctor. Knowing that I have seen her about headaches in the past, and her suggesting I see a neurologist…. I made an appointment with a neuro first, then went to see her.

“Tell me about your symptoms….” she said. I rattled off… dizziness, light sensitivity, nausea, insane head pain, worse when I bend down. Did I mention that I’m on day six of this? Oh, yeah, and uh.. I passed out in the shower once and I keep falling because my balance sucks. When the pain lets up and is more tolerable, there is ridiculous ringing in my ears, and on occasion, when I walk outside, I get spots in my vision.

Now, I admit, when writing it all out and admitting it out loud… I was an idiot to not go to the doctor before. My doctor, God love her for dealing with my entire family as often as she does, was unamused at best.

I am scheduled for an MRI next week. The week after I see the neurologist. My doctor gave me a beautiful gift in the form of a prescription for Imitrex and I took it at bed last night. I was afraid to sit upright this morning, for fear that the heavy head sensation would greet me as it has every morning for the past week, but alas, I sat up and my head didn’t feel like a bowling ball encased in skull. HOORAY!



This past week I have been a slug. I mean, really, beyond doing the hike on Saturday with the hubby and Ruby, which was pretty low key, low impact, slow moving…. I have NOT done a whole lot of moving. I have been quite content hanging low at home. A few days I didn’t get out of my PJ’s.  My husband made remarks about “who is that woman? Is my old wife back? My new wife wouldn’t be caught dead with PJ’s on and no make up. Are you OKAY?” Uh, yeah… not so okay, but still not excuse enough to slip back to old ways.

  I see how easy it is to fall back into habits. Its much easier to get out of bed and transplant myself from bed to sofa. Head in a pillow, letting the kids run a muck. Its easy to ignore the things that need to be done around here, especially when I know my husband will pick up my slack with out saying a word. Its easy to say “it’s too hot outside to go out” and its too easy to say “my head is killing me and so I won’t move because I don’t feel like it.” Even when the headache was a dull roar with ringing ears, I just laid around. BLAHH!

So today I hold myself accountable for the past week of excuses, and now that the pain in the brain is gone I have NO excuses. I’m going to get the kids out and pick some blackberries, then I’m going to catch up on housework. When the man comes home, I will see where the exercise will happen, dependent upon time, heat index, and weather I will either be down by the lake or up on the elliptical. Today the excuses end.