Do You Got Game?

Every where I turn I’m seeing these animals. Game, Fowl, chicken, rooster… cock a doodle doo! I posted about this on facebook while my husband was in surgery and my friends were all over it and some even sent me their own pictures to add. So here we are, a full out blog post dedicated to the protein of the season!

My sister has this centerpiece on her dining room table. Every time I see it, I make inappropriate comments about it. She loves it, its art. “A beautiful piece of art!”

It’s a huge rooster with muti colored tail feathers.

My resonse, typical Michelle style is “nice giant cock on the table Sue.” or “where ever did you find a cock of that caliber?”

My niece and I have had a grand ol’ time at this rooster’s expense and Suzanne has gotten down right PISSED OFF at us about it! You see, this is really quite a cherished bit of art. She loves him.

When we were in New Orleans we went to brunch at Dickie Brennan’s. As you walk in they have a similar giant rooster with colored tail feathers on a table. I missed my sister at that moment. So I sent her a text of Dickie’s cock.

Yesterday I was shopping in Costco. As I walked the main path in there it was, staring me in the face! Multicolored tail feather plumed for show. A giant cock to adorn the average holiday table!

My Friend Hope Sent me a picture of the lil guy she just picked up:

I think it needs to be noted that my very all time favorite, “made me roar with laughter, cry and gasp for breath” blog post that I have EVER read is from the very famous Bloggess, and truth be told, when I busted my sister’s chops over her cock… I had to pull out my laptop to let her read about Beyonce. No…. not THAT Beyonce…. this one…..

Go read that right now!

And because I’m not the only one of my friend’s who was touched by Beyonce.. I’m happy to introcduce you to Charlie, who is loved and adored by his owner Valerie:

I have a few things to say before I wrap this up.

#1: My sister Suzanne was ahead of the curve when it came to the IN thing with home decor

#2 There is man who didn’t let his wife buy towels, that spurred some crazy chicken fascination.

#3 this little Facebook note took off so much that it has become a blog post. My girlfriends are seriously SERIOUS about their love of ROOSTER!

The cocks keep showing up. My sister Robyn sent me these two dancing. I think they’re fighting, but art is up for interpretation.


2 thoughts on “Do You Got Game?

    • Charlie makes me laugh on a daily basis. I love that The Bloggess started such an awesome friendship! Thank you Michelle for keeping the love alive. SQUEEE!

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