Is it all about you?

Today I was indulging my need to get lost on the net for a while & I went to twitter, where I was led to a friend’s blog to enter a give away ( and then I read few some of the past writings I have missed out on. Vanita, the author got me thinking. How often do I actually leave a comment on the blogs that I read? Hell, how often do I leave feed back on much of anything?

We all participate on the internet with the hope of having our voices heard. A large majority of us share information as we seek and find new knowledge. Those little comments that are left, be it on a bulletin board, facebook, a photo, a group or a blog can really make somebody’s day. I know that with every little comment I see, I perk up a little. *Perk… somebody likes me… or paid attention to me… or hates me… but noticed me… perk perk**

Sure, I go through facebook and hit the friendly little like button to let somebody know that I was on their page or post or photo. Its easy and effortless, and as I sit and type this I can’t help but think.. its RUDE! Its bad etiquette. I wouldn’t go to a party and simply glance at the host with a smile and a wave as I rushed on to the next party! Is it too much to simply stop and say two words or more?

Which brings me to the thing I have noticed as I reflected upon my own poor internet/social media etiquette. You know those people… ya know THOSE people who are all over, telling everybody about all of their drama and their momma’s drama and so on. They write every stinking day about all the crap in their lives, and everybody falls all over them. Sure they get the attention, and they are seeking the attention, but how often do they venture off of their own page/post/blog/photo/note/etc to comment on those that support them?  Often? NOT REALLY. Oh yeah, they are full of the advice of what to eat or not to eat, what to wear or not to wear. How to avoid or conquer this or that… but it all happens to be on THEIR own posts!

While I may sound like I’m pointing a finger there.. believe me I’m not. I’m guilty of the very behavior I’m speaking of. I have made it a point in the past few weeks, to try every day to find one positive thing to post out there in the interwebs. Tweeting or facebooking, a blessing or observation about my kids, my friends, my life. Because frankly when it rains it pours and I didn’t want to be completely wallowing in self pity.. but somehow I was still completely self absorbed. HA! Go figure!

The funny thing is, in this community, we are all on a journey to find ourselves. Right? And so, part of the goal is to be self indulgent and self absorbed. Its a time for us to pay attention to ourselves for once! RIGHT? RIGHT… BUT rules still apply.

The GOLDEN RULE: Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. Do you like to have comments made on your posts? Of course you do. So comment on other’s posts as well. Especially to those who are ALWAYS commenting on yours and showing you support! These are your people! This is your team! Show some respect!

Share! Don’t be a glory hound or a drama queen. If you are, they’re talking behind your back! “OMG… have you noticed that WOMAN who is always. blah blah blah blah” Yeah… because you get a lot of attention… its not always going to be to your face.

Help your friends! See a great blog? Link to it! Share their words! Its awesome to be noticed! Love somebody’s tweet? Retweet it! Give credit where credit is due.

I’m going to make an effort here to do more than have a simple blog roll over there ——> I’m going to make an effort to comment more often, share other’s blogs more frequently and participate on the forums that I find helpful more often. I started this blog for a reason, and I never want to lose sight of that reason. I want to share, and help, give support and find support in return. So today I turn it around. Its no longer ALL ABOUT ME.


16 thoughts on “Is it all about you?

  1. There’s a difference between an all about me post and a fishing for coments and attention posts I despise the latter and usually ignore them
    In some cases, those types come back and whine about the lack of comments.
    Those folks have been around since the dawn of the internet.
    So you know, i’m the one talking about THOSE people behind their back…. sometimes to their face… so to speak on the interweb.

    Love you!!! ❤

  2. As always your voice is heard- loud and clear in my head. I always tell my clients
    To be selfloving not selfish.
    Its awesone to be you, and enjoy you!
    But…. Yes, to allow others to love you and love them back as well. Its a cycle – a healthy one. To power your own heart is beautiful baby doll! Indulge!

    Others may be “selfish”
    I choose to ignore-
    Its so not where I am at


  3. Hello, Love everyone’s shit!

    I’ve been self consumed more of late and have been trying to make it less about me or not post at all….SO it’s been crickets. Maybe once the new meds kick in and there shrink gets done shrinking my head I will Be there for everyone all the time and me it not about me…until then..Love the lot of ya!

  4. thanks for the shout out sistah! and you’re right, i spend so much time reading you from my email on my android that i hardly ever comment. i am sorry. i promise to be good. 😉

  5. There are 3 blogs I read faithfully: Yours, Eggface and Mylongsleevedstory. I have even gone so far as to read all the way back to your first posts in the archives. Success with this (hopefully) upcoming surgery is of the utmost importance.

    Shelley does have quite a following, but manages to post replies to comments. You do too, which makes me very happy. I may be a PITA for awhile, but you are appreciated. All of you who have taken the time to share your up and downs, failures and succcesses are invaluable to the bariatric surgery community.

    Thanks for responding when you can.

    Hope your family is doing well – especially the wildcat little girl in the wheelchair 🙂

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