I’m sort of excited!

Yesterday I received a package from Fed Ex. This alone is an exciting event. I LOVE packages. Admittedly they are usually medical equipment, but I still love to receive them. Packing bubbles! Ohh fun! The kids love it and so do I!

Anyway, what was in the package you ask? Well, it was a PERK! A perk? A PERK! About a month ago I qualified for a Perk on Klout. It was from a company called Big Train® & their new product called Fit Frappe™. I did as I was asked and filled out my preferences, my address and whola… package to my doorstep. Not my mailbox, my door step. This sucker wouldn’t fit in my mailbox.

I 20110830-023651.jpg

So, first impressions being what they are, I was pretty damn happy that I got a full size tub of protein, let alone samples of all of the flavors. Then, when I read, and re-read and triple read that this product could be mixed directly with HOT WATER I was nearly giddy. I know, its petty being happy not having to nuke my morning protein, but it is what it is. Second impression was skepticism. “Is this stuff going to clump up and seize on me?” I almost couldn’t wait for morning to come!

So, 4:30 am arrived and I was up and out of bed! I came downstairs and I brewed a cup of coffee. Sleepy headed I forgot that I was going to try my new Fit Frappe™. I remembered reading the suggestion that baristas could mix it up to customize their customer’s favorite coffee order, so rather than half & half I threw a scoop of Fit Frappe™ into my donut shoppe K-cup and whola, breakfast was served! It was delightful! Really really good. A great cup of Mocha goodness!

I waited till this afternoon to mix it up with plain ol’ water. I used hot water, because frankly I enjoy a warm beverage and again I wanted to see what it did when I used piping hot water.

I had no blender bottle…. it is MIA (somebody please send blender bottle)


Even still it is clump free!



So, yeah, it’s really good. I like it with water alone. With milk or hood it would be creamy mocha goodness, but honestly my beverage of choice is going to be a big ol’ scoop of Fit Frappe in my coffee!

You want stats? I got stats! I used it in an 8oz serving so those are the stats you’re gettting!

8 fl oz

10g protein (Calcium Caseinate)

0 sugar

11g carbohydrate

calories 60

What does Big Train have to say?

“Fit Frappe is our new product line. Big Train has been around 20 years making gourmet drink mixes- chais, blended ice coffees…  We took a long time to roll out or new protein line Fit Frappe. The challenge is making a protein mix drink taste good added by the complication of adding coffee to a protein drink without an aftertaste. Looks like we hit a homerun on this line—Fit Frappe is getting huge reviews in the health and fitness communities. We just launched this product. No stores carry it yet although we are selling sample kits and jugs on our Facebook page – facebook.com/bigtrain “shop now”.”

So kids, if you are interested in purchasing some Fit Frappe, you can go to Big Train’s facebook page and click on “shop now” http://www.facebook.com/bigtrain?sk=app_135607783795



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