Let’s get it together

Okay kiddies, I’m ending the 9 day pity fest and turning it around! In a few short weeks, many of us will be gathered for the Obesity Help Event in New Orleans.
Summer was here, a lot was accomplished, I was riding a high of family and vacation, friends and fun. I have not been as diligent about my exercise because of mystery leg pain. I have also not been tracking, like some of my friends.
Today, it changes! No. More. Whining. I need to do my best, to feel my best, and look my best, for me and for you! I want this upcoming event to be better than I could imagine.
So, my friends, join me, let’s check in, keep tabs, cheer on, and use our accountability and support system. It has worked before, it will work again.
This event is the light on my calendar.


One thought on “Let’s get it together

  1. i need to get my sorry ass to the post ofice and return to you your tiara so you can TRULY look fabulous… especially in NOLA! I was a total slacker this week regarding exercise.

    SO SUPPORT!!!!

    We got this!

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