My main food groups

Time to fess up. My doctor is less than pleased with my eating habits. I’m sort of in a rut. While I enjoy food, especially creating it, the average daily routine is the same.

Dannon plain Greek Yogurt. 8oz is 120 calories and 22g of protein. THIS is my dream food. Easily digestible, yummy, high protein low calories. Hello, I live on this stuff!


SPLENDA: dear splenda, I love you. With out you my daily eating would be miserable. I love how you sweeten my yogurt, my coffee and my fruit.


If you’re thinking of yelling me all the ways splenda will kill me, save it. It has saved me! It’s even in my water via mio drops!

Fruit: I get in far more than the daily recommendations of fruit. Berries. Love them! Add them to my yogurt, with splenda, this is bliss!


Coffee: yes, please, all day long! I love my keurig. Even when it acts up. I’d be lost with out my perfect cup… Many times a day.

I’m the coffee/protein category is the shining star!!! CLICK! Yes! Please. Thank you! I love Click. It is a protein shake that is not a chore to choke down, but a pleasure to start your day off. Love my Click. I do, I do!


I’m struggling with this food rut. I didn’t like being told I needed to focus more on “real food”. I am to try to eat this “real food” more than once a day. The above mentioned things do not count. Why? Because my eating habits are disordered.

I went from one extreme to the next I suppose. Although, the foods I’m stuck on are nutrient rich, the fact that it is all I consume is a red flag.

“dense protein” is the goal. More than once a day. Yesterday I had edamame salad, today some almonds and a bit of tuna.

I’m not a fan of being told to change. But I keep this blog to document it all, regardless of how silly, lame or concerning things are. So… There’s that.


10 thoughts on “My main food groups

    • It’s all slider food. She wants me to eat “dense protein” more than once a day. It’s a struggle. PS: I have no issue eating raw foods. Sushi is fair game at all times 😉

      • salmon mousse! people actually eat it!

        what i mean is, if dense means “animal” then it qualifies but is also only semi-solid…

  1. I envy you your splenda. But that stuff hurts me – so very very badly! Even my hair aches – so my kids watch out for it in foods in case I miss it! LOL!

    What constitutes dense protein? Can you whip up something fancy with your “dense protein” requirement that is pretty and fun like the beautiful creations you love to make for the kids??

  2. So add something you like such as chicken (or whatever you know you might like) and find different ways to fix it. It can be really hard to get out of our comfort zones. You know what works and it’s hard to move away from that into the unknown.

  3. Uh. Are you afraid of food? Does it make you feel bad in your new belly? OR is it the calories that scare you? You can match calories of that pesky sour yogurt — you know — with solid protein sources. Hello lean turkey breast, chicken, lean sliced roast beef, etc.

    Whatchu need?

    • Leave it to MM to get directly to the heart of the matter!
      Solid proteins ( chicken,pork,steak,turkey) fill me very quickly. I do not get enough protein with meals like that. Now, chili is no problem, but then comes measuring and calorie counting. So yes, calories freak me the hell out. I can eat fish because it is softer, are it doesn’t hit my stomach like a lead brick.
      I love cheeses, but again calories vs protein has me lean toward yogurt instead.

      My yogurt, so not sour, because of berry goodness and a ton of splenda.

      Find me something with 240 calories and 44g protein that is not going to make me want to avoid food for the rest of the day.

      Yes, you can smack me. Come on down. I think Kaitlin is at the front of the line though.

  4. I have my days where my eating looks just like yours! My NUT has told me to eat more whole/lean proteins and I find I actually feel better on those days. Click is my drink of choice! I have it every morning and if it didn’t have caffeine in it I would enjoy it all day long!

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