I was challenged…

Waning Woman Challenged me to embrace my inner celebrity.  Who? What? You don’t know? Waning Woman! Go check her out! She is one hot, hilarious, keep it real, ball of awesomeness! She rocks my socks! Plush she is going to teach me how to put on fake lashes some day 😉

So, the challenge is as stated:

*Thank the person(s) who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

1: Once upon a time I had dreams of being a journalist. Editors make my brain itch, and bastardize my writing. Journalism was clearly not for me. Blogging on the other hand… perfect.

2: I am not only passionate about advocacy with in the weight loss surgery community, but with in the special needs child/parent community as well. I live my life with one foot on each side, WLS patient & mom to very special needs kiddo. Medical bureaucracy makes my brain itch!

3: I’m just learning about social networking, and I’m not sure I will ever understand it all.

4: When I was a kid, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mom. My biggest dream came true 4 times over. I am blessed.

5: I would much rather tell you how naughty my children are, than how incredible and sweet and brilliant they are. Why? Because people who brag about their kids are insecure, and the naughty is always so much funnier than the sweet. My fondest memories all include moments that had me furious then, and I can laugh about it now.

6: I have come to accept that I am on a path to self discovery, and really didn’t realize it until recently. Losing weight opened doors that I wasn’t expecting to walk through.

7: I tend to be very black and white with my friendships. I’m either in it 110% with love and loyalty or I’m not in it at all. No enemies, just selective in who I choose to call my friend. Its sacred to me.

8: Being married to a chef  has made me quite the foodie. I am a connoisseur  of all things new, different, and raw! My brother Jack is also to blame for this fascination. Now that I can’t eat everything in sight, I take photos of it. I enjoy grossing out my friends with pictures of Uni and quail eggs.  It is by far and wide my favorite treat.

9: I’m completely addicted to technology. I have my laptop with me all of the time. Sometimes I can be browsing the net on the laptop while tweetingabsolut on the iphone. Shutting down, and disconnecting for more than a day means I am in a dark, crazed place. LOL

10: I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. My kids are getting older, and I will eventually have opportunities to be a real working member of society, but I have absolutely no idea where I would like to be. I can name a slew of things I know that I could not do and why, but no ideas of what I WANT to do.

I choose these bloggers/blogs to play along. Welcome to blogger celebrity folks! Tag, you’re it! Jenny , Rob, Token , Beth & Kaitlin . The challenge is yours if you accept. If not, phooey on you!


2 thoughts on “I was challenged…

  1. #5 is by far my favorite too! You’re by far my favorite person for all the reasons above and so many more. You make me laugh from my gut and giggle from my toes. You tell me when I’m being screwy and get me back on track without mincing words. Love You!

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